The Omega team are available to come and run 3 hour to 1 day Discipleship training seminars and workshops with pastors, church leaders, small group leaders and other people desiring to be a part of the disciple-making process. These seminars will motivate and inspire you to be an active part of disciple-making and will provide you with practical training and tools to help you do it.

Theme: 'Making and Multiplying Disciples'

A 3 hour  to one day seminar showing you how to become a disciple-maker and how to begin intentional discipleship training in your church

Seminar Topics

• The call to discipleship - getting back to our primary task;
• What is a disciple? - the essential marks;
• The urgent need in our churches - intentional discipleship training;
• How to begin discipleship training - in your home and church;
• Making disciples - through cell groups;
• How to turn believers into disciples - and disciples into disciple-makers.
• Introducing a cyclical discipleship training series.

Video Training Package

A 6 week training package is available on the theme - 'Disciple-making and Mentoring' with Ian & Diane Malins. This 6 DVD package will present the vision and help motive and train potential group leaders and discipe-makers in disciple-making. There is an accompanying set of seminar notes which you can download free from our web page (See 'Purchase on line' page). This is ideal as a small group training package.

Seminar Presenters : Ian & Diane Malins

Ian Malins is a Bible-teacher, pastor, and author of many training courses and study books being used widely across the South Pacific region and well-known for his cyclical Discipleship training series. He and his wife Diane, were formerly Bible-teachers on the staff of the Christian Leaders’ Training College in Papua New Guinea for 14 years, followed by 10 years pastoral ministry in Australian churches, and are now devoted to growing believers to maturity and encouraging and equipping churches to get back to the primary task of ‘making disciples’. They are founders of Omega Discipleship Ministries and were speakers at the recent APCOD (Asian Pacific Consultation on Discipleship) conference in Malaysia (2001), and have more recently run Discipleship training seminars in Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines.

Contact a representative to request more information about Discipleship seminars, or to inquire about hosting Discipleship seminar sessions.


'One Conference - 3 Topics'

Ian Malins also is available to run 2-hour seminars on 3 different topics that can be completed in one day or presented separately. The 3 topics are on Grief & Loss, Revival, and Discipleship.  Ian has worked for many years in each of these areas and has written books on each topic - 'In Your Time of Sorrow' (for those experiencing grief), 'Prepare the way for Revival' and 2 other books in the area of revival, and a whole cyclical series of Discipleship training resources.

One day conference on 3 topics (with Ian Malins):

* Grief & Loss:   (10.00 - 11.30am)  Understanding the process of grief and loss and how to sensitively help families going through such times. Guidelines to help carers and friends know how to be a support and understand people going through the grief process.

* Revival:  (1.30 - 4.00pm) What does revival look like and what will it take to see revival come to our churches and nation? Looking at the essential keys that can prepare our hearts and churches for the spiritual awakening that God is wanting to bring.

* Discipleship:  (7.00 - 9.30pm) Most churches have focused on evangelism and not discipleship with dire consequences.  This seminar will look at how to revitalize your small groups by turning them into discipleship training centres, and how to get your church back to the central task of 'making disciples'. A must for pastors, small group leaders, mentors, and any interested in the disciple-making process.

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