Come To Me DVD

Come To Me DVD

This DVD accompanies the book ‘Come to Me’. This DVD in conjuction with the book presents the compelling call of Christianity, the steps to faith and how to come into relationship with God.  The presenter (Peter Malins) will give a general 'Introduction to the Series' (to play at your first meeting), and will then take you on the rest of the journey through the book with short 10-minute introductions to each of the 7 chapters (to play at the start of each group meeting).  These DVD introductions will bring extra enrichment, help focus the topic in an interesting and creative way and will be a great aid to you as you work through this series on your own, or with another person or group. 

  • DVD 1: ‘Introduction to Series’ (7 minutes)
  • Studies 1-10 Introductions (8-12 minutes each)

Presenter: Peter Malins

Peter (son of the author Ian Malins) spent his early years in Papua New Guinea, completed training and theological studies in Brisbane, Australia, and has been involved in pastoral ministry for many years in Brisbane as well as multicultural ministry in the Philippines, China and Japan.

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