"Transforming believers into mature devoted disciples of Jesus Christ through intentional discipleship training.."

Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Many have met Jesus and become believers. But the crisis of today’s church is that so few have gone on to become devoted and dependable disciples of Jesus Christ. Becoming a Christian is only the start. Going on to maturity and becoming an effective disciple is all the rest. Omega Discipleship Ministries has the vision to take believers on from whatever stage they have reached and grow them into mature and effective disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our purpose:

The purpose of Omega Discipleship Ministries is to help believers grow into mature devoted disciples of Jesus Christ through intentional discipleship training. To help this happen we have prepared a cyclical training series to help turn ‘seekers’ into believers, believers into disciples, and disciples into disciple-makers.

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An exciting Cyclical Training Series . . .

This cyclical series of training manuals take a person on a journey in discipleship starting with a manual for ‘seekers’ showing the steps to Christ, then establishing new Christians in the foundations, then helping them to grow into strong disciples, and then finally training them to become disciple-makers. Other materials have been developed as well to supplement and build on this core training (eg. ‘Revival’ and ‘Worship’). These training manuals are designed to help ‘seekers’ become believers, believers (of all ages) to become disciples, and disciples to become disciple-makers, thereby becoming a part of an ongoing multiplying life cycle.

Designed for:- 

 New Christians
 Older Christians, and

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These discipleship training materials are being used widely in churches all over America as well as in Canada, England, Scotland, and the South Pacific region including Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, South Pacific Islands as well as within Asia – Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, India and China. ( See 'Testimonials' page).

These materials are written in a simple, easy-to-follow style with 1-2 pages focusing on the topic followed by questions for personal study and group discussion (work-book format). The basic English style makes these materials useful for those who speak English as a second language as well as for fluent English speakers.

These materials have been or are being translated into 11 different languages, including - Indonesian, Thai, Tagalog, Cebuano, Chinese, Hindi (India), Burmese, Fijian, Tongan, New Guinea pidgin, German and other languages. (See 'Other languages' on 'Purchase Online' page)


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